That’s okay. Not everybody does.

Ahh, th-thank you.


"Alright, I can do that," you shrug. “Just thought you might be inpurrested to know. But, um, I wouldn’t bring it up if that was all it was. It is sort of gang business, after all, and I think I handled it alright. But, um, it was led by, allegedly, Diamonds Droog. And, in case you didn’t know already, he’s been dead for a while now.” You pull a face and shrug again. Just reporting the facts here. “Also, he- Droog, that is- offurred me a job as well, as a consultant of sorts fur specific raids or whatefur. As well as offuring training, which is always helpful, and some kind of payment for the help, including food, lodging, or just plain old cash. I’m suppurrsed to meet him tomorrow morning to give him my anspurr.”

Okay, you’re a little horrified now. Partially by all the talk about Droog—god, you do not need to be reminded how dead he is, although you’re already aware that there’s some new Droog (or two) from another timeline running about. You do not want her dealing with any Droog, not even if it were your Droog. It’s dangerous.

"Y-you. You sh-shouldn’t m-make deals with the Crew, Nepeta," you say, trying to keep from letting on how unnerved you are. "It. It’s dangerous. V-v-very dangerous."

cutmans asked:
Hi! I'm Ace, I just wanted to stop by and say hello. You seem to a nice guy.

Oh, h-hello, thank you. Y-you seem nice too?

Anonymous asked:
oh, alright then.
Anonymous asked:
actually, i've always been fuzzy about this. what's your sexual orientation? just curious

It’s uhhh. I—-I don’t know? I guess probably pansexual. I d-don’t think about it much.

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Oh, umm, w-welcome!!

Anonymous asked:
who've you had sex with?

Wh—what a rude thing t-to ask.

Uh. V-Valiant Fencer w-was the first, umm, I w-was with him during the war… th-then Nervous Broad, then ahh. Droog. And that’s it.

kammy-baby asked:
Mhmm, it is! She seems really eager to learn, which is really great! I can't wait to see what amazing things she will do! Thank you for giving the okay, Inspector~

A-and thank you for, for s-spending time with her. I appreciate it.


You make a little purring sound in the back of your throat when he tells you not to think of yourself as dead weight. You didn’t exactly mean it in a bad or self-deprecating sort of way, but it’s nice to hear him say, first hand, that he thinks you’re worth something. “Alright. Well, um, how should I say this?” You squinch your face up contemplatively for a second or two before regretfully stepping out from under his arm again so that you’re standing face to face- or, well, would be, if he weren’t so gosh danged tall and you weren’t so gosh danged short. “I was living off the street for a while befur you happened to come across me that day. And, well, I’m still here, so you know I have to be able to defend myself, right? As it happened, I do that rather well- defending myself, I mean. And soon some of the younger street kids found out and started coming to me for help and protection. I couldn’t just let them starve, so I set up a system where we all begged and occasionally stole food, and then split it all up so that efurrybody got to eat. Soon enough, word got out, and I found myself an unofficial gang leader.” You shift back and forth uneasily on your toes, unsure about how he’ll react to that. "We nefur stole anything but food- or at least, I didn’t, and I tried to discourage it amousengst the rest. But little by little, our territory grew as word got out more and more and more people joined. So we’re technically one of the biggest, if the most noncriminal, gangs here in the City. Anyway, where I’m going with this is, one of the electronic stores in our territory was robbed. Apparently, it was under orders from the Midnight Crew."

You’re at first surprised to hear that she was involved in a gang, but when you think about it, it makes sense. She would have to be involved in that sort of thing if she wanted to survive. It isn’t like many people in this city ever bother to help feed the teeming masses of vagrants in the city, even if so many if them were children.

"It, it’s all right," you assure her, since you’re sure she’s worried that you might not approve. "I’m, ahh. It’s n-not as though I’m not guilty of any crimes either."

The Midnight Crew attacking places in their territory? Well, it makes sense. If her gang was mostly nonviolent, then the Crew would have no qualms with trying to take their territory. 

"You ahh." You bite your thumbnail. "You’re p-probably best off l-looking the other way. Th-the Crew is, is too dangerous to t-try to argue with."

Not to mention the leader of the Crew is responsible for your being able to “legally” adopt Nepeta at all. Details.

kammy-baby asked:
You think so? I'm sure things will get better in time. Oh, she told you? She said she was going to talk to you about it, and see if you were alright with it. Nepeta can be my part-time apprentice~

Y-yes, I’m more than f-fine with it. I’ll be glad to see Nepeta keeping busy. It’s good for a girl her age, I—I think?